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What is Active Aging, Inc.?

Active Aging, Inc. is Crawford County’s Area Agency on Aging and was established in 1974. Active Aging, Inc. receives funding in the form of block grants from the PA Department of Aging to provide services and programs to Crawford County residents who are over the age of 60 and meet program guidelines. This block grant funding is provided through the Pennsylvania Lottery, which provides funding to various programs that benefit older adults in our area. Funding levels are determined within the annual state budget outlined by the Governor and members of the Legislature. The services outlined on the following pages are available for anyone who qualifies, however without adequate funding levels, not every person who needs help can receive it. Our Foundation works to raise funds to offset budget shortfalls and maintain us during times when budgets are delayed. Your support of the Active Aging Foundation and your advocacy to our local legislators is vital to our future ability to meet the needs of our older adult friends and neighbors.

Dedicated to Enhancing the Lives of Persons Over Age 60 in Crawford County since 1974.

Your Hometown Area Agency on Aging

Steps to Getting the Help you Need to Remain in Your Home

  1. Make a call to the professional staff at Active Aging at 814-336-1792 or 800-321-7705.
  2. Talk with an Area Agency on Aging professional about your needs and preferences.
  3. Connect with a care manager who is knowledgeable about available services.
  4. Have an in-home interview with a care manager.
  5. Be an active partner in deciding what services are best for you.
  6. Work with your care manager to put your plan into action and to make changes to your plan when needed.
  7. Get the help you need to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

In-Home Help

Ways to Smoothly Transition Out of your Home

Active Aging is committed to the support and care of all older adults. Our staff has completed the SAGECare LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training.

Contact Active Aging

Contact Active Aging